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Tenons Avec De Nice

Not a lot known just yet about what happened during Bastille Day celebrations on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France.

The Santa Barbara Shooting

A horrific event at Burt Likko’s alma mater leaves him meditating on whether the modern age has somehow magnified and distorted the difficult-enough trials of youthful sexual frustration.

On Child Abuse

by Sam Wilkinson “Did you hear?” asked a coworker, in my office to take a break. “They found a 70-pound girl on the side of the road.” They in this case was a passerby...

22 Years Later

~by Jonathan McLeod I was 13. I couldn’t fathom that my sister’s life could be worth any less than mine. I would never have thought that the girls I knew and loved, friends like...

(Civil) War and Tragedy, Cont’d

Tossed off almost like an aside, and one of those lines I had to go back and listen to multiple times while somewhere on I-65 in the northern half of Indiana, Eric Foner speculates...