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Movie Notes: First Reformed

A (fairly) recent movie asks if God can forgive us for what we’ve done to His creation.

Living By Faith, Dwelling In Doubt: A Conversation

Kyle Cupp and Tod Kelly discuss Kyle’s new book. Along the way, Kyle waxes on his approach to faith and doubt, along with his daughter, the Pope, abortion, Paul Ricoeur, Job, and Firefly.

Proof of God, continued

If God cannot prove His omnipotence (or infinity) to human beings because they are neither omnipotent or omniscient or infinite, couldn’t God simply make all human beings into omniscient, omnipotent, and infinite beings? If...

Beck and Obama’s radically different theologies

[updated] It is perhaps a little ironic that Beck is invoking theology so often and especially in order to demonize Obama further. Ironic because conservative and evangelical Christians probably have more in common theologically...

The Religion-Science Debate Is Theological

On the flight over to Calgary (for Br. Scott’s nuptials) I read Bob Wright’s new book The Evolution of God.  I’m wanting to do a post or two on that book, but I was...