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Should the Left Fear (Or Hate) Its Wonks?

If I am notorious for anything in the blogosphere—other than being that guy who won that thing at the Washington Post that one time—it’s probably my persistent (if gentle) criticism of “The Wonky Left.”[1]...


Growing Market Demand For the Left’s IDEAS

I spend more time complaining about left-wing rhetorical ineptitude than anything else. It’s as close a raison d’être as I’ve got, other than my wife and son (who are infinitely more valuable companions). My hobby...


Why Can’t the Leftists Teach Their Children How to Speak?

Michael Kazin in Dissent, echoing some of my concerns in recent posts: But the meaning of liberalism gradually changed. The quarter-century of growth and low unemployment that followed the Second World War understandably muted...


Wiring the Wonky Left’s Moral Compass

Thanks in no small part to Andrew Sullivan and Rod Dreher, my post last week on the “Wonky” American Left has generated some interesting discussion. Given that I’ve been unsuccessfully pushing this argument for...

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