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Identity and its Monuments

The South is so obsessed with one short, horrible moment in its past that it continues to limit the inclusiveness of its future.

Birth of a Nation

I encourage everyone to read this fantastic New York Times article on how competing regional and ethnic mythologies contributed to The Civil War. No surprise here: The Yankees started it!

(Don’t) Carry Me Back To Ol’ Virginie

I’ve never understood the appeal of Confederate nostalgia to libertarians. No matter how enamored you are with states’ rights, subsidiarity and all the rest, it seems to me that institutionalized chattel slavery is a...

For the Defense

Isaac Chotiner says a lot of what needs to be said about Malcolm Gladwell’s latest strained analogy-cum-article on To Kill a Mockingbird and the Jim Crow South. As best I can tell, Gladwell’s argument...