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Roger & Us

Don’t say goodbye, because he hasn’t really left.


Survey Says? BZZZZZZZ!

On Friday, Zazzy and I were at the mall dress shopping for an upcoming wedding.  While she tried on a bevy of brightly colored gowns, I retreated to a corner to feed Mayo.  There, they...


The Nation defends TSA against Evil Koch Brothers

This Nation piece is a ludicrous exercise in silly partisanship. Mark Ames and Yasha Levine go to great length to show just how all this crazy outrage over TSA agents groping people – including...


Against Intellectual Provincialism

Epistemic Closure Revisited Eons ago in blog-years, Julian Sanchez provoked some indignant responses by suggesting that conservatives are too dependent on a closed, self-referential media ecosystem. Sanchez’s original post elicited a sharp reply from...


From the inbox

A reader writes, in response to this post by Barrett: … you might want to mention my experience about how the liberal media and publishing bubble actually helps empower the Breitbarts of the world....


Good news, no more Lou!

Via Kevin Drum it looks like nobody stuck watching CNN will have to suffer through any more of Lou Dobbs’ nonsense!  CNN still employs Nancy Grace, however, so not all is true and good...


Find a new conceit for your columns!

Here’s an original idea: take California’s liberal, high-tax model and contrast it with Texas’s low-tax approach. Aside from The Economist, Newt Gingrich, and The New York Times’ op-ed page, no one else has thought...


Glenn Beck and the Red Knight

“I told you about these people.  They only mate with their own kind.   It’s yuppie inbreeding.  That’s why they’re retarded and wear the same clothes.  They don’t feel love.  They only negotiate love moments. ...


The Talking Heads will Feed Themselves

Kyle asks: What motivates the Limbaughs and the Hannities and the Malkins to take up the standard of hyper-partisan contrarian now?  Surely one would say to provide a voice of balance against the rampant...