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Left Intellectual

Self-Examining “Left Intellectual” Winning and Progressing

The process of self examining is a worthy and healthy one. When done correctly it should raise more questions that answers, and challenge thoughts that may have rutted from constant sameness. Regardless where you fall on the political spectrum, honest thought, or at the least the effort to be honest in thought, should be a common summit all of us should be endeavoring towards.

The Liberal-Radical Relationship

The radical and the liberal suffer from opposite afflictions.* The radical, taking her distance from the mainstream as a measure of her probity, hastens the isolating slide. Existing in a brutally unjust world, her...

Addressing Income Inequality

From Ross Douthat: And this is where I think the American left falls short. I agree with Yglesias that most liberals who care about inequality care about immobility as well.

The Ultimate Victory, The Final Defeat

Corey Robin was interviewed by David Johnson for the Boston Review, and at the very end the two of them got to talking about the GOP primary. At first, Robin repeated an argument I’ve heard...