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Using very simple language, can anyone explain what exactly is going on with Java/DHS/Microsoft/Google/#”the terrorists” and why this all necessitates my updating Java ten times a day?


The Internet is Awesome

Nine-year old Caine Monroy spent his summer vacation building a cardboard arcade inside of his father’s used auto parts store. And then the Internet got involved.  I don’t know how I missed this story...


Remember when Facebook wasn’t evil?

“My interpretation of Facebook: What if I told you that you could tell a private company all your interests and friends…. for free?!” –Adam Kotsko Well, I hope all of our readers who use...


Yes, Google is making me stupid

Or at least less apt to struggle through difficult, rewarding books. You see, I was (belatedly) inspired by The American Scene’s “Fall of the U.S.A.” series to pick up John Dos Passos and give...


Bloggers and biographies.

I just thought of something. In maybe twenty-five or thirty years, we’ll start seeing scholarly biographies of people who at one time maintained or contributed to a blog.

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