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End of Sabbatical Report

Burt Likko took a sabbatical from public affairs for two months. What did he learn?

Two-Thirds of Idiocy Sabbatical Completed

For forty days and forty nights Burt Likko has labored to safeguard his own ignorance of all things superficially political and inconsequential, and focus instead on meaning and happiness. Can he do it for three more weeks?

A Sore Temptation Indeed

Oh, it has an allure like unto pornography or narcotics. Eschew! Eschew!

Idiocy, One-Third

Burt Likko nearly cheats on his abstention vows.

Idiocy, Week One

So, how’s that avoid-the-political-BS-machine thing going, Burt?

An Idiocy Sabbatical

Burt Likko undertakes to sample the life of an idiot.