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Muddling toward an organic society

Matt Frost is blogging at Ricochet. Here’s a bit of his opening salvo: By way of introduction, I’ll share a few links and ideas that all relate to the closest thing I have to...


Millman’s taxonomy.

If you like to chat about political philosophy in the abstract, you may want to head over to the American Scene, where Noah Millman’s trying to develop a taxonomy to get at some of...


Yes, Google is making me stupid

Or at least less apt to struggle through difficult, rewarding books. You see, I was (belatedly) inspired by The American Scene’s “Fall of the U.S.A.” series to pick up John Dos Passos and give...


Our “Terminally Awkward” Future

Anyone interested in scoring a cute girl’s number next Saturday modern courtship rituals should check out this excellent post (and comment thread) at The American Scene.


modesty in Afghanistan

I think Reihan is right to be distressed, given his inclinations for Afghanistan, by the perceptible shift in expectations for the country. And he’s right to note that it’s a major shift with some...

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