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How to Solve Nothing

I’m not going to pretend that this bill proposed by my Senacritter, which would prohibit carrying a firearm in an airport outside of a screening area, represents some sort of apocalyptic infringement on Second...


Words and Deeds

Faced with the unassailable fact that Obama’s much-ballyhooed foreign and counter-terror policies differ very little from the Bush Administration’s, Victor Davis Hanson is left spluttering: So when Obama and his team were dreaming up...



(UPDATED) Steve Benen and John Cole offer complementary takes on the complaints of John McCain and Peter King that the apparent Times Square “Generation Veal” attempted bomber should not have been informed of his...


Pornography & Liberty

After several detours of bad logic around the most unmissable facts, Bret Stephens reaches this conclusion: If America wants to tilt the balance of Muslim sentiment in its favor, it needs to stand up...


Recommended Reading

Gene Healy has a great column on the “existential” threat of terrorism:


Compare and Contrast

From TNR’s excellent review of The Killer Trail, a history of  one murderous French expedition into the heart of 19th century Africa (emphasis mine): The Europeans, Taithe notes, never recognized African kingdoms as states,...


Deploy the War Wagon!

This video on one Louisiana town’s plan to defend itself from “homegrown terrorists” really has to be seen to be believed:


Should we be capturing more terrorists?

On a practical level, Mark Thiessen’s case for capturing and torturing suspected terrorists in place of bombing them is pretty unpersuasive, mainly because he doesn’t have any proof that we lose a chance to...



I’ve been largely out of the loop for the last week, so there’s quite a bit to catch up on.  A quick word on the attempted terrorist attack on the airliner in Detroit–and then...


Formulating a Reliable Detainee Policy

Will asked me to comment on this op-ed by Jack Goldsmith and Benjamin Wittes pleading with Congress and the President to formulate clear rules regarding detention policy in the War on Terror. Although I...


Good thing we freed him

Ross Douthat has a smart post on why we shouldn’t opportunistically try terror suspects in civilian courts.



Rod Dreher: On the other hand, it is also wrong to pretend that the Muslim religion had nothing to do with this massacre, that it is mere happenstance that this mass murderer’s crime was...


“The Rise of Nuclear Alarmism”

John Mueller, at his counter-intuitive best. I routinely pimp his Foreign Affairs article on the terrorist threat, which is also worth reading if you’re looking for a measured assessment of the capabilities of stateless...


Arguments we should retire from the public discourse

Here’s an interesting back-and-forth on surveillance reform in the Los Angeles Times. I found the arguments against modifying the PATRIOT Act frustrating, not least because they don’t seem all that responsive to the civil...

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