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Speaking of Terror

If certain kinds of violence demand more from us, defining and describing violence becomes charged with power.

The Contemporary Monomyth

It is exceedingly difficult to get people to tell each other new and different stories than they do.

Yet it may prove to be existentially important to persuade them to do exactly that.

Casus Contendentes (Now With Update)

Burt Likko wonders whether, despite the unmitigated human rights awfulness that is the nascent would-be state forming in northern Iraq, swallowing our idealism and adopting a strategy of economic containment wouldn’t be a more practical alternative to making war against ISIS.

UPDATE: Reaction to President Obama’s address of September 10.

A Vast Silence

The New York Times ran a story that took Burt Likko’s breath away in outrage when he read it last night. But apparently, he’s pretty much the only one.

Beyond Redemption

There’s a frequent exchange that appears in one form or another throughout Plato’s dialogues. It focuses on the question of whether it’s better to suffer or be the one inflicting the suffering. Of course,...

Anonymous Source Says

The APs Kimberly Dozier reports that two anonymous officials and one unnamed “lawmaker” believe terrorist groups have altered how they communicate since the information contained in Edward Snowden’s leaks became public.

Fan Wankery Takes Star Trek Into Darkness.

Edit: Reposted with a new date so that people can comment on it and stuff. Note: This post is spoilerific. It will completely ruin any surprises that might exist in the upcoming movie Star Trek...

The Depressing Reality That is Pakistan.

News connected to Pakistan is a bit like reading a George RR Martin novel. It’s grim. It’s depressing. There’s too many characters that come in and out of nowhere and the narrative never seems...

There Was No Civil Liberties Mandate

Conor Friedersdorf of The Atlantic has a widely read explanation of why he cannot, on moral grounds, do as he did in 2008 and vote for Barack Obama. It’s a long piece and it’s...

Islam, Norway, and the backlash

Thoreau sums up essentially what I’ve been thinking the past couple of days. When the attacks first occurred, I realize I joined many conservative bloggers (as well as just a lot of people who...