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Four States Announce “Re-Open” Plans

The governors of Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina are rolling out plans to “re-open” their states from the quarantines and stay-in-place restrictions stemming from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tennessee’s General Assembly Sure Is Concerned With Keeping Racists Happy

Back in 2015, in the aftermath of the South Carolina church shooting, Memphis’s City Council decided that it wanted to rid itself of statues celebrating terrorists and traitors. The city’s council voted to get rid of one such statue before being immediately overruled by the Tennessee Historical Commission. Sam Wilkinson talks about what happened next.

Language Notes From Knoxville

I see that this is a thing now. I can’t articulate a good objection to it.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t still be grumpy about it.

Know Your Executioner

A condemned man in Tennessee wants his lawyers to depose the people who would be his executioners.

A Prime Opportunity For Resolution Is At Hand

The wisdom of a sports movie and the insight of a litigator show that the best time is now — right now — for the nation to reconcile some of its deep social fissures.

A Resolution For 2015

From the police chief who served donuts and hot chocolate to protestors rather than launching canisters of tear gas at them.

Oh, Tennessee

I often get the sense that Tennessee, Texas, and Florida are locked in a never-ending war to decide which of the three is the craziest state in the union. Granted, Florida wins most of the battles, but Tennessee and Texas get in a lot of really good shots. I think Tennessee may have just landed a doozy, though.

ENDA’s Game

In which the necessity of a law is politically dismissed because of a massive public misunderstanding by a man with an eerily orange face.

Captain Justice

I practiced law in this state for two years. Never saw a motion quite like this.

Naming Rights

How much second-guessing should a judge get to do when it comes to a baby’s name? (Bonus: not one, but FIVE wry footnotes.)

Whiteville: Endgame

I have previously written about the water tower cross in Whiteville, Tennessee three times: here, here, and here. The story is pretty much over now. On August 8, 2012, the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the...