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Tech Tuesday- 10/2 – Nuclear Pasta, and Other Changes

Oscar Gordon’s Tech Tuesday covering Ammonia as fuel, making the Star Trek Tricoder, turning CO2 solid with a battery, Japanese innovation in space and baby elevators, cheap metal decontaminating water, simulated avalanches, and more

For The Record

Accusations sometimes exist, persist, or are dismissed due to the ambiguity of what we don’t know. In the future, we’ll know more of it.

Tech Tuesday – 9/17 – Asymptomatic Sick Kids Are A Nightmare Edition

Last week Bug developed hives all over his body. Misses school for the rest of the week. Freaked us out, because to date, he has no known allergies. Urgent care put him on Benadryl, which did nothing. Two days later, PCP puts him on Prednisone, which ended the hives, and spun him up so much we spent a day letting him run around the Arizona Science Center (nice place, BTW). Yesterday I get a call that the throat swab the PCP took came back positive for Strep (the quick test was negative), turns out the kid has Scarlet Fever, sans the fever, or the sore throat, or the vomiting…

Can Walmart Compete (in Streaming Video)?

Ordinary Times regular contributors Mark Krieger (@musepolisci) and Andrew Donaldson (@four4thefire) break down the news that Walmart is looking to launch their own streaming service, and fall on opposite sides when it comes to projecting the retail giants success.

Linky Friday: From Which Other Things STEM

Linky Friday is Ordinary Time’s Friday tradition of compiling stories from around the world and across the web straight to you. This week, From Which Other Things STEM is the theme, looking at Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, soundtracked with musicians than have mastered those fields themselves.

Rise of the (Debating) Machines

@TimSmith_Laing brings us a story of IBM’s newest creation. So man has built Deep Blue to play chess, Watson that can play quiz shows and problem solve, the worlds most powerful supercomputer, and now comes IBM’s “Project Debater”, which makes up for in tech what it lacks in imaginative branding. So who will talk to it?

Supercomputers Reach The Summit, For Now

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is a facility born from the drive to accomplish scientific feats before an international competitor does the same. In the modern day race for the worlds most powerful computer, the ORNL-housed Summit supercomputer has put the US back in the lead…for now.

Robots: Viral Success, but Practical Challenges Remain

Turns out, Skynet might have been an underachieving bunch of pikers. At least, if the developments in robot technology from Boston Dynamic and others are to be believed in their latest batch of viral videos. But do the video clips, impressive as they are, reflect the whole truth?

Amazon Key: Next Big Thing or Bridge Too Far?

Proponents hail it as an innovative way to increase ease of delivery and security. Others are decrying yet another tech-based reach into our lives and personal property.

1 Dead in Southwest Emergency Landing

It could have, probably should have been, much worse. With one fatality reported due to cabin depressurization, total disaster was averted by the actions of the crew during the Southwest emergency landing