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Ordinary World: Education

Ordinary World: Education with stories and links on learning, education, teaching, tutoring, and much more from Scott Davies and Ordinary Times.


Are Finland’s Schools Really the Gold Standard?

It is a given that at some point during almost any discussion about school reform, a reference to Finland’s education system will arise. However, a closer look at Finland’s education system and reforms raises questions about the popular narrative of its education system.

There Will Be Numbers: The limits of wonkery

Since the teachers in Chicago went on strike, Ezra Klein’s blog of gritty numerics has published four posts on the subject. Each has been, as one might expect, mired in the most precise and useless...

teaching and choice

So we’ve gone some rounds in the teaching/education debate – with Will, Freddie, John, Conor, Sonny and myself all chiming in to one degree or another – and I’d like to follow up a...

Teaching Moments

This depressing Los Angeles Times story inspired a pretty interesting debate on teacher unions over at the American Scene. In comments, Freddie mounts a persuasive defense of union-backed tenure for professional educators, arguing that...