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“You don’t ‘seize’ the center, you create the center”

When I learned it, I thought the motion for this month’s Intelligence Squared U.S. debate – “The GOP Must Seize the Center or Die” – was simply dreadful.  How could the opposing case possibly be made without fighting a losing battle with the proposition itself?  Of course the GOP needs to win more votes from the center; of course they’ve been successfully characterized as out-of-touch with centrists.  And indeed, the pre-debate poll showed a staggering 65% in favor of the […]

We’re Going Over the Cliff

Another example — and they’re daily at this point — of why I think the US is about to take a dive: A group of House Republican conservatives – incensed by its leadership’s purge of dissenters...

Lugar and Mourdock

~by Sam Wilkinson This was the quote that got me: “If the GOP is going to win elections, it’s going to win them fair and square with real Republicans, not fake ones.” That’s from...

In Which I Discuss Jonathan Franzen’s Remarks at Length

Speaking recently at the Hay Festival in Cartagena, Colombia, American novelist, Jonathan Franzen, attacked what he identifies as the impermanence of ebooks.  His following remarks are what Andrew Sullivan recently dismissed as “Wieseltierian piffle,”

One, Two, American Dream

Tom Van Dyke’s recent post on how we’re not so good at math when it matters reminded me that we’re not so good at math when it matters. When linguists first began investigating tribal...