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Speaking of the World’s Most Infamous Creed Apologist

(UPDATED BELOW THE FOLD) Joe Carter, with whom Barrett will be brawling beginning tomorrow, makes a highly unique argument with regards to the Tea Party, at least to the extent that he is making...


Elite Being vs. Authentic Being

Charles Murray sees an insidious plot to seize control of America.  It’s the rise of a new ruling class, a societal coup d’etat: the rise of the “New Elite.”  They’re particularly sinister in that...


The Tea Party’s Skin Deep Libertarianism

Jim Geraghty has a great article on the foibles of a movement candidate from Nevada, including one statement that sounds awfully close to an endorsement of prohibition:


Fringe bipartisanship

Ben Smith points to the first real bipartisanship we’ve seen for quite some time: Bipartisanship is a rare thing in Washington, but the Senate just 96-0 to pass a bill to "Audit the Fed,"...


The Tea Party-Social Conservative Split

Tension between libertarian-leaning tea partiers and the GOP’s social conservative base was probably inevitable, but the most interesting part of the Politico’s story on a split within the movement is a disagreement over the...


Defending the tea parties, ctd.

A reader writes: Erik, as someone who lives in the Mighty Whitey Elite NY-DC Corridor, but who comes from Tea Party America, and who has lots of friends and relatives highly sympathetic to the...


Creating a New Establishment

Despite some quibbles with his characterization of the modern Left, I hope Dan Riehl is very much on the right track in arguing that the old movement conservative establishment is no longer capable of holding the...


“The First Draft, Not the Compromised Second Draft”

Like Allahpundit – and, surprisingly to me, for the same reasons – I have no idea whatsoever what the newly-released Mount Vernon Statement is supposed to accomplish.  It amounts to a statement that the old Three-Legged...


Of tea parties and tyranny

There are many things wrong with what James is trying to say in this post.  I will try to tackle a few of them.  The meat of the post, which is also the part...


culture is everything (well, mostly everything)

“In short, liberals and conservatives refuse to see the areas in which they have common ground because far too often they simply cannot get past the cultural markers that prevent them from even listening...


A united progressive/tea-party front

I can see where Jane Hamsher’s tea-party/populist left united front thing could seem appealing as a movement against something (the no-good politicians in Congress and their corporate special-interest shenanigans).  



A lot of the reaction to my conservapedia piece falls along the lines that you would expect – essentially that I’m painting with too broad a brush.  I probably was in that post.  Obviously...


conservatives as self-parodies

This interview with Andy Schlafly [below] of conservapedia.com is hard to watch.  It’s almost embarrassing.  I think Colbert is at his best for most of the exchange, and the zinger about creating his own reality...


Connecting to the base ctd.

Mark says it all too well: Conservative wonks simply aren’t doing their jobs.  What they are doing is picking apart liberal proposals, picking apart conservative proposals, attacking the low-hanging fruit of conservative extremism, and occasionally...


It usually begins with Ayn Rand

Jonathan Chait’s essay on Ayn Rand is worth a read. Given the rise of the tea party movement, his basic point – that Rand’s influence has led to an over-emphasis on a morally absolutist...


Glenn Beck and the Red Knight

“I told you about these people.  They only mate with their own kind.   It’s yuppie inbreeding.  That’s why they’re retarded and wear the same clothes.  They don’t feel love.  They only negotiate love moments. ...


The Problem with the Tea Parties

Okay, I’m still trying to figure out why these Tea Parties bother me so much.  There’s a number of things that just feel wrong, on a sort of intangible level.  I’m constantly reminded of...


Creating Apathy by Fighting Apathy

Scott (and, by implication, Freddie) has put together a challenging retort to my arguments that most large-scale political protests are inevitably undermined by the unpreventable introduction of irrelevant issues into the protest and are thus...