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Wednesday Writs for 8/14

A special “Em ran out of time” edition of the Wednesday Writs with some great moments in SCOTUS sarcasm, Trump’s new immigration rule, health insurance vs. drug manufacturer, reality TV tax evasion scandal, the crap show that is Barstool Sports, and more.

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Ordinary World

Your Ordinary World ft. links to stories on San Diego Synagogue shooting, Joe Biden, America’s narrative, taxing the rich, Trump 2020 and more.

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Why I Actually Do Care About Trump’s Tax Returns

“I could never lend myself to any transaction, however respectable, that would commercialize on the prestige and dignity of the office of the presidency,” – Former President Harry Truman

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The Case Against the Charitable Deduction

Instead of raising tax rates on high-income earners, a smarter way for progressives to raise taxes on higher-income earners would be to eliminate itemized deductions: tax breaks that allow primarily upper-middle and upper-income earners to write off various expenses.

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Tax Day 2018: Taxation Is or Isn’t Theft?

Tax Day 2018 always brings out the cries of “Taxation is Theft!” from many, especially our friends in the libertarian contingent. But is it, and where are the lines between taxation is theft, taxation with representation, and oppressive forced funding of tyrannical government?


Gasp! A Trump Supporter!

Why on Earth might someone actually support Donald Trump? Derek Stanley offers up his reasons.


Election Time in the Rockies

I suspect that my off-off-year ballot is different from most of yours in more ways than one.


Republican Messaging, Going Galt, and a Tale of Two Cities

Last week at Politco’s State Solutions Conference, Republican Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam offered up an explanation for the GOP’s defeat at the ballot box this past November: poor messaging.  According to Haslam, Republicans simply...

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