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Schilling on Social Security

Mike Schilling asks: By the way, wouldn’t privatized Social Security [be] the same sort of unconstitutional mandate as health insurance is? If by “privatized Social Security” we mean “forced individual transfers, not to the...


Yeah, another reason to raise taxes on the rich

Via Meteor Blades at Daily Kos is Sam Pizzigati explaining that the top 1 percent of income earners have a ridiculously low state and local tax burden relative to their low and middle-income fellow...


Progressives for a value-added tax?

Via Megan McArdle is this interesting graph from the Congressional Budget Office showing the impact the recession has had on tax revenues, organized by type of tax: I am also surprised to see that...


How to Sell a Tax Increase

I am nowhere near informed enough to offer any intelligent commentary on economic policy, but I am pretty good at political analysis.  And so instead of focusing on the economic part of Bruce Bartlett’s...

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