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Casus Contendentes (Now With Update)

Burt Likko wonders whether, despite the unmitigated human rights awfulness that is the nascent would-be state forming in northern Iraq, swallowing our idealism and adopting a strategy of economic containment wouldn’t be a more practical alternative to making war against ISIS.

UPDATE: Reaction to President Obama’s address of September 10.

A Vast Silence

The New York Times ran a story that took Burt Likko’s breath away in outrage when he read it last night. But apparently, he’s pretty much the only one.

The Cleric and the Bombers: Iran’s Hassan Rouhani

Precis: In a crucial moment of opportunity, Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s new president, extends the hand of diplomacy. President Obama’s team, surprised and gratified, grasp for Rouhani’s hand. If the handshake pans out, this rapprochement...

War Averted?

…well the civil war’s still going on, but airstrike averted maybe. Everyone seems to get a bit of what they want except the Syrian rebels who are hung out to dry…. Let’s hope this...

Syria Musings Pt. 2.5 — The Arab League Reacts

A short Labor Day weekend musing. The Arab League has now moved toward asking for a UNSC backed intervention in Syria. The announcement is sufficiently vaguely worded that it’s not likely to actually amount to...

Syria Musings

As promised I am tackling the subject of Syria. The problem is that my thoughts are still embryonic, so this post will be more of an extended musing on the subject rather than a...