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How My Daughter Taught Me to Love Myth-Making

Today my daughter would have been four years old. Though Vivian is no longer with us, we will celebrate her birthday this evening, lighting a candle, and in its glow, dine and sing and...


Hot But Dull

I really wanted Man of Steel to be fun movie. And at times, it was. It was worth the matinee price. [Continued at NaPP]


Charity and Stigma

I think that there should be a mild, limited, almost unspoken social stigma against able-bodied adult charity recipients. Usually there is, but often it comes with a lot of needless baggage. First, it should...


Sad Songs

they say, so… so much. This is the saddest “sad sack” story you will ever read if you’re a sports fan.  Mets fans don’t have anything on this.  Nobody has anything on this. CLIPPER...


Conspiracy Theorists, Start Your Engines

I’d be the world’s biggest idiot to comment on this story, but it seemed I had to mention it. I have nothing whatsoever to say, and I won’t be participating in the comment thread....


Living According to a Story

By Kyle Cupp I was born to a Buddhist father and a somewhat lapsed Catholic mother, so you could say I had a divergent and confusing theological upbringing. Essentially I heard two different stories...


expectations of mediocrity

Of the many reactions to commentary over Avatar, my least favorite goes something like this: