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Redistribution and the State

I’ve written recently about what I termed ‘front-end’ redistribution. That is, redistribution of wealth and resources prior to state redistribution – or, the way it should be in a perfect world. One example of...


Anti-statists and the current regime

Bob Cheeks asks: “Do you see yourself, in some degree, to be anti-statist? What is your opinion of the current regime?” Well I suppose I do consider myself to be anti-statist, but I’m also...


Community as safety-net

One of the most common arguments against my call for better, more effective state-provided safety nets is that these safety nets somehow replace those provided by families and close-knit communities.  Apparently if people are...


rethinking a strong national defense

Mark Levin’s response to The Weekly Standard’s Peter Berkowitz is surprisingly good.  I find myself truly befuddled by the apparent twin-personalities of the man who is Mark Levin – the thoughtful, reasonable essayist vs....


The State of Political Economic Definitions

Yesterday ED got a good conversation going in response to this question: How can anti-statists reconcile themselves with protectionism? I think however we need to be careful with the ‘s’ word.  I’m guilty of...


a question for anti-statists

How can anti-statists reconcile themselves with protectionism? This has become a kind of stumbling block for me.  I have slowly become more and more disillusioned with protectionism as policy because it seems that it...

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