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Breaking Bad: Picard

Does this mean there could never be any new Star Treks?


Boldly going where several songs have gone before.

Fan Wankery Takes Star Trek Into Darkness.

Edit: Reposted with a new date so that people can comment on it and stuff. Note: This post is spoilerific. It will completely ruin any surprises that might exist in the upcoming movie Star Trek...

Driving Blind: BDSM and Which is the Best Star Trek

Due to popular demand (two people), I’m bringing my daily commute reads to the front page on…Monday (since I clearly forgot to uncheck the “mini post” box on this one! Conor Friedersdorf riffs on...

Darkness and Wonder in the 23rd Century

Saturday evening, burned out and brain-dead after two weeks of grading papers, I plopped down in the living room to take advantage of my weekend alone by watching the first two Star Trek films. ...

To Boldly Go Where No Two Men Have Gone Together Before

~by Ryan B I want to bounce off of this Alyssa Rosenberg post, not because we have a deep disagreement, but because I think she’s not being totally fair. She’s certainly right that Abrams’...

Quote of the Day

The Texas Supreme Court cites Star Trek (and, well, Dickens):

a quote for the end of the afternoon

“A series of cataclysmic events leads to the annihilation of a war-mongering elite. All that remains is a rogue group of working-class types who are motivated by racial resentment, obsessed with drilling, and led...

Star Trek

By the way, I saw Star Trek this past weekend and it was great fun.  I’m not a big Trek fan – though I loved some of the old movies when I was a...