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RetConning the Tea Party

Whatever its genesis, a populist movement is always a populist movement, and they always end the same way.


Another Country Club Republican Bites the Dust

This time it’s Sen. Dick Lugar [R-IN] getting the Tea Party ax in the primary. Dick Lugar is the type of Republican who Democrats love although seldom actually vote for. If you’ve got a...


Can a small target be easier to hit?

One of the occasional frustrations of debating policy is that it can be difficult to convey your views concisely and precisely. In the case of libertarianism one difficulty is defining exactly what you mean...


First Quarter 2012 GDP At 2.2%

News on the economy today and it’s looking increasingly like the happy surprises which characterized the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 were  aberrations.


Why Are These Two Things Different?

At Rortybomb (which has migrated to Next New Deal), Mike Konczal takes arguments against lower rates on student loans to task. My only question is this: Are taxes owed to the U.S. government a kind...


Eating Peas

Fellow Ordinaries Elias Isquith and Mike Dwyer have fired the opening shots in our discussion about the latest budget proposal from that fiscal firebrand from Janesville, Paul Ryan, and Tod Kelly (who has just been...


The Future Is Now: The Birth Of The American Wasteland

A really interesting piece from the Times‘ Binyamin Appelbaum focuses on how parts of the country where the housing bubble was the most pronounced — and where there was historically nowhere near the same...


A Better Way To Do Campaign Finance Reform

~by Dan Miller Elias wrote a great post about campaign finance reform, and I think it raised some important issues.  But I think this discussion–like most discussions of campaign finance–missed a key point.  Many people believe...


Waste and Abuse

So, we’ve just narrowly averted — do we avert things in any other way? — we’ve just narrowly averted yet another government shutdown. I can’t help but feel that the magic is gone, and...


All Deficits and No Jobs Make Homer Something Something

Deficits don’t matter during a recession. We should be running deficits during a recession. We should be running deficits when there is little to no inflation. We should be running deficits when unemployment is...


Cutting Jobs Instead of Bombs

I don’t understand our political leaders. They’re so interested in cutting spending on healthcare and retirement – even the Democratic president is eager to start hacking away at entitlements – yet almost none of...


Immigration, Inequality and Pie

Tim Lee has an excellent response up to this post by NRO’s Daniel Foster, who writes: Punishing a minor by removing him from the culture he’s adopted as his own, for the crimes of...


The Price of Loyalty

Brad DeLong calls The Economist’s profile of Mitch Daniels, “A beat sweetener so sweet as to send us all into hyperglycemic collapse.” He continues: When Mitch Daniels was in a position of power and...


the things people say

Riffing off my last post, I’d like to take on two thoughts.  First, here’s Yglesias:


Nothing’s ever certain except race and taxes.

Andrew Sullivan has this map posted at the Dish today, which he found via Open Left.  What I take from Open Left’s analysis is that by and large white men are not all that progressive....


The Five Horsemen of the Federal Budget

“Let’s put this simply. 80% of the budget falls into five categories: Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, Defense, Veteran’s Benefits, and Interest on the Debt. EIGHTY PERCENT. So if you don’t tell me what you’re going...