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Actually, it’s for you. This week’s music prompt: “A song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget.”

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Summer is coming.

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One is the loneliest number, but that’s not this week’s song.


Songs of Wanting and Receiving

I’ve compiled a list of songs about wanting something really bad and then about the pleasure of finally getting it for people who hate holiday music just as much as I do.


Friday Morning Jukebox: Matthew Ryan

A couple songs from Pennsylvania native Matthew Ryan. Ryan has a rather… distinct voice. If that’s the sort of thing that bothers you, Ryan might not be up your alley. He’s officially marked as...


Retroactive Table of Contents: March 2 to March 9

It was a somewhat tumultuous week here at the League of Ordinary Nerds. After this, let us never speak of it again. Story of the Week: Limbaughpalooza 2012 Tod was shocked by Limbaugh’s apology...


Masters of War

Something light for Sunday. Pearl Jam hasn’t done much the last few years (gosh, ten years?) but they’re still one of favorites. A big influence when I was younger.


History of the song

Kevin White expands on one of my favorite Christmas songs: