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Say No To Puritarian America

Keep government limited to the things it does well (if any) and I’ll worry about my own boobs.

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The Case for Bernie Sanders

Symposium: The Sanders’ candidacy (and hopefully, eventual presidency) is an important step re-situating the Democratic Party as one built around the needs of working people and as a bulwark against right-wing populism.


The Different Sorts of “Other”

It’s more than likely that the next twenty-four hours of news coverage will be about how Michelle Obama didn’t just “humanize” her husband during her DNC speech, she went on the offensive. It was...


Neoliberalism and the Human Economy

What is Neoliberalism? I’ve been pouring through some posts written during the recent neoliberalism debate and it’s struck me that nobody actually agrees on what constitutes a neoliberal. For a long time I’ve thought...


Craft Beer and the Human Economy

Tom Philpott observes that not all alcohol regulations need necessarily be a bad thing: It’s true that Carter’s move on behalf of home brewers helped push along the craft-brew revolution, as did the state-by-state...


Secret Socialism

In high school, I was a self-described socialist. What this meant at the time, God only knows. Now I vacillate between agreeing with our smarter, more prolific blog contributors. If you go back through...


Still Puzzled by This One

David Brooks, yesterday: In the state capitalist world there are government-run enterprises like Gazprom, Petrobras, Saudi Aramco, Petronas, Petróleos de Venezuela, China National Petroleum Corporation and the National Iranian Oil Company. These companies create...


thoughts on socialized medicine

I like Yglesias’s idea: I actually think there’s a very strong case on the merits for a limited form of socialized medicine. Which is to say that I think it would be smart for...


socialism creep

Okay, so I can’t quite follow this. I’m sure Peter’s right about the merits of The International; I haven’t seen it and don’t plan to. But I have a hard time following the logical...