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Who Gets A Chance

In the aftermath of his attempt to rehabilitate Jian Ghomeshi, Ian Buruma is out as the editor of the New York Review Of Books. He will not be missed.


Cult of the CEO, Feminism Edition

One of my pet peeves, one I will just never be able to fix and should probably have dropped ages ago, is how bourgeois so much elite journalism is today. Yes, I know it’s...


This is all an elaborate joke, right?

Freddie must have infiltrated Slate’s editorial staff to write this gem, which masquerades as a serious defense of Creed’s musical stylings. Wait, what’s that you say? It’s not a parody? Oh dear . ....


Beer Me

President Obama’s mundane beverage selection at last week’s beer summit was roundly condemned by the hip, politically-inclined set, and as much as I’d love to write a counter-intuitive defense of watery beer (paging David...


Why I care about this Apple vs. PC business

So there’s this company. Maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s called “Apple”. (I know– really non-threatening!) I don’t harbor any animus against this company, personally. At least I didn’t. But several years ago, Apple...


Ahhh, Slate

Among the many editorial disagreements I have with Slate.com is the fact that, very often, their subheads or “jumpheads” (or whatever alternative web headlines are called) are written in a style that, in a...