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Trump, Kim Summit Set for Singapore in June

After weeks of speculation, President Trump announced by tweet that a place and date has been set for what would be the first meeting ever between the sitting president of the United States and the leader of North Korea, Kim. Jong-un, in Singapore.

Ross Douthat Strikes Back

I know he’s taken quite a beating around these parts, but I really liked Ross Douthat’s latest column, which endorses the same Singapore-style approach to health insurance that E.D. championed earlier (Is there any...

Singapore & Mandatory Savings

Will Wilkinson picks up on the ongoing Singapore discussion.  I alluded to something similar here.  Indeed, the way to transform both our health care, our social security, and our national savings could be found...

The Singapore Model & DeLong Care

In my post today I write about how Brad DeLong has come up with a totally unrealistic, but pretty good idea on reigning in health costs and covering the uninsured.  (He came up with...