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Romance Before Bros

This time I’m actually reading GOOD romances instead of trashy ones.It’s a lot of work, and do you know why I’m doing this? It’s because romance MATTERS.

The Rule of Doctrine

Atheist writer Adam Lee compares the Roman Catholic hierarchy to an absolute monarchy and dictatorship, but this comparison fails to account for the role of established doctrine in the church’s teaching office.

Human Sexuality and Religious Norms

Decades after the sexual revolution, many religious conservatives remain fiercely committed to preaching, if not always living, an absolute and absolutist understanding of human sexuality. Mainstream biologists, psychologists and sociologists, building on the science...

Sexuality à la carte?

I’m currently reading Troublesome Young Men, a history of anti-fascist parliamentarians in 1930s Britain. At first blush, this has very little to do with David’s excellent post on homosexuality, pedophilia and desire. But the...