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USA Gymnastics Tries But Fails To Execute The Rare Triple Down Maneuver

USA Gymnastics has named Mary Bono as the organization’s newest CEO. In perhaps the least surprising news every published, her hiring was impossibly tone deaf, and the gymnasts she was proposing to lead less than thrilled with the organization’s decision. Bono has already stepped down.


Briefly, On The Boy Scouts, The Catholic Church, and Algebra

Texas’s Rick Perry is predictably aghast that his beloved Boy Scouts of America (BSA) would even consider even the possibility of admitting gays into the organization. While addressing the Texas Scouts 64th Annual Report...


Pope Benedict and the Legion of Christ

Over at True/Slant I begin to lay out what I see as an emerging narrative of Pope Benedict (both as pope and as Cardinal Ratzinger) as the reformist waging an unseen war against an...


Off with their heads!

Andrew writes that my defense of the Pope is ‘incredibly wrong-headed and simplistic’ and then focuses entirely on the argument I made regarding the aesthetics of Benedict. My point in so arguing was that...


Surely only theocons would dare support Benedict

“[T]his basic truth remains: the moral authority of Catholic church’s central authority is over. The only two options are denial and defensive p.r. (the current knee-jerk response) or open repentance and total transparency, led...


A brief defense of the Pope

[updated] “I read the coverage of the Pope every day in the newspapers and listen to the BBC news and as a Catholic and a journalist I feel like crying out pathetically: “This is...