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Sometimes, A Shoe Is Just A Shoe

Shoes aren’t magic. They’re just shoes. Anybody taking any other position is either trying to get your money or being unnecessarily critical.


One way forward for the West Bank

by max socol In the bowels of ED Kain’s most recent Israel prophecy, there’s a (pleasantly civil) debate swirling around the security implications of a West Bank withdrawal. As I mentioned there, it reminded...


The Right to Exist

Upon returning from her visit to the West Bank last month, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton remarked, ““For Israel to get the kind of strong support it is looking for vis-à-vis Iran, it can’t...



Via Andrew, Chris Hitchens has some harsh words for Israeli settlers in the West Bank: Peering over the horrible pile of Palestinian civilian casualties that has immediately resulted, it’s fairly easy to see where...


Tough Love

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, it is the settlements more than anything else that prevent a two-state solution from being realized.  Whereas the Palestinians have no true guiding authority to end, once and...


Policy and Dissent

Max Socol is unhappy with our initial foray into the Israel/Palestine debate: Moral arguments concerning Israel and Palestine may be of incidental interest (i.e., did Israel commit war crimes in Gaza? Who is to...