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Up The Union

Rise against the unworthy schemers who, far from wanting law and order and freedom, only use such words to entice others into subjugation.

Secession, Legal Orders, and Justification

A few days ago ago I tweeted this line: “Secession is the decision to step out of an existing political order, so it’s a category error to try to justify it legally.” Obviously I’m...

The Great State of Jefferson

Strange Maps posts a picture of what was nearly our 49th state, carved out of the California hinterlands and Oregon’s southern counties. For more on Jefferson’s abbreviated history, check out John Schwenkler’s great article...

Scalia: No Right to Secede

A fun tidbit from the Justice’s fan mail. Patriotic Texans and Vermonters are no doubt disappointed.

Free Vermont!

The Green Mountain State’s independence movement isn’t going away.

Strange Bedfellows

Here’s an entertaining scoop from Mother Jones: Crackpot ex-KGB academic teams up with tea party radicals to predict the imminent break-up of the United States.