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Float On

After reading several accounts of the Ephemerisle Festival (for those interested, a more in-depth explanation of the event – and seasteading – can be found here), I’m more convinced than ever that I really...


You can go your own way

Many readers are undoubtedly suspicious of self-indulgent exercises in libertarian wankery, but this excellent dialogue from Reason raises some interesting questions about the nature of governance, freedom and culture. As someone who grew up...


My Questions for the Seasteading Road Trip

Will Wilson is embarking on what sounds like the coolest road trip ever: a visit to a convention of libertarian seasteaders intent on seceding from the mainland United States. He’s also soliciting questions from...



Fascinating piece up by Brian Doherty on “seasteading” the anti-government project being pursued by grandson of economist Milton Friedman, Patri Friedman, to create modular, stateless “seasteads” on the ocean.  The question that leaps to...

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