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Build the Wall 24

Bannon and Kolfage, When the Walls Fell

The subtle genius of “Hey, there is a huge pile of $20 million dollars in a very high profile setting, let’s go steal that!!!”

Jeffery Epstein

The Case for Keeping Jeffrey Epstein Behind Bars

To determine a defendant’s risk of flight and danger to the community, the Bail Reform Act sets forth the specific factors to be considered when bail is requested, and it seems the feds have a pretty good case on all four.


Roger Stone Gagged, Again

Roger Stone did a very stupid thing. Judge Amy Berman Jackson wasn’t amused, as the federal judge modified the indicted Stone’s gag order.


Michael Cohen Sentenced to 36 Months in Prison

President Trump’s long-time personal attorney Michael Cohen has been sentenced of 3 years in prison, after having plead guilty to 9 charged crimes in federal court.