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Quote of the Day

The Texas Supreme Court cites Star Trek (and, well, Dickens):


The Future

In lieu of real blogging, I thought I’d throw out some ideas from Ian M. Banks’ introductory essay on his Culture novels (via io9). Here’s Banks on the future obsolescence of market economics: Concomitant...


Consider Phlebas

PHLEBAS the Phoenician, a fortnight dead, Forgot the cry of gulls, and the deep seas swell And the profit and loss.                           A current under sea Picked his bones in whispers. As he rose...


Disch, the Tea Parties, and the City

Here’s a good essay on Thomas Disch, the acclaimed (and slightly crazed) science fiction author. Disch is was an interesting character for all sorts of reasons, but his disdain for rural populism and cosmopolitan...


“The Hierarchy of Contempt”

After watching his excellent Bloggingheads dialogue, I stumbled across the website of Canadian science fiction author Peter Watts, which also happens to include free digital copies of his novels (so far, I’ve only gotten...


Science Fiction Friday

io9 lists the best science fiction novels for fantasy fans. I’m not familiar with any of these selections, but I’ll go ahead and recommend Jack Vance’s Tales of the Dying Earth, Gene Wolfe’s Book...


Science fiction & God

This article at First Things by Robert R. Chase is a fascinating look at religious themes in science fiction. I’ve always felt that science-fiction was far less amenable to religion than fantasy, but thinking...


World Building

Via Alan Jacobs, here’s an interesting critique of modern fantasy writing from The New Atlantis:


A list of books from my childhood

Tyler Cowen and Peter Suderman have both compiled (non-definitive) lists of books which have influenced them the most over the years.  I have thought about this some, and come to the decision that the...


Science Fiction Friday (II)

The ultimate guilty pleasure: Alyssa Rosenberg delves into the Star Wars expanded universe.


Science Fiction Friday

Because it’s my blog and I’ll post ephemera if I want to: The LA Times on Philip K. Dick and Orange County; io9 on the “soft” (ie not world-ending) apocalypse, which includes a shout-out...


On noble savages and the humanity of the ‘other’

Sullivan nods approvingly at this passage from Conor on Avatar’s Na’vi: The problem with the noble savage cliche is that it is demonstrably untrue. The people who inhabited North America before the arrival of...



I finally saw Avatar (in 3D) without anyone threatening to beat me up.  It was everything I thought it would be.  The 3D was cool.  The glowing plants in the jungle were really quite...


On the bounce

io9 has an interesting post on the appeal of Starship Troopers.



I think most of the books I’ve read and loved were written by conservatives or libertarians – the fantasy I’ve read was written largely by conservatives, I think because good fantasy plays on themes...