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Short Story: Back to School

School had been out for a long time; longer than Jack could remember. He wasn’t sure why they’d had to stay away. But he was excited to be going back.

Space War

Space Corps is coming. And when it does, it may never leave the ground.

Films That Could Have Been

There are far too many science fiction films that left us asking: what happened? Thankfully, three recent documentaries get to the bottom of it.

What Kind of Film is Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium

Mordecai Wiczyk of Media Rights Capital thinks that Elysium has an insurance policy to help boost ticket sales despite its disadvantages (including an R rating, no 3D version, etcetera). That potential upside is the relatability of the...

The Illustrated Man

My dad foisted Dandelion Wine on me when I was young and still homeschooled. It was to be, appropriately enough, the first book in my list of self-imposed summer reading. His copy was old, and...

An Ambiguous Utopia

I just finished The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin, and despite the fact that I am probably not going to contribute much to the body of criticism surrounding it, I wanted to write...

“The Space Traders”

For those following the faux-controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s relationship with Derrick Bell, here’s a copy of Bell’s infamous short story, “The Space Traders.” As far as science fiction goes, it’s a pretty crummy read,...

Walker Percy’s Galaxy Quest

“[I]t is an established fact that a preponderance of religious imagery or an avowed religious intent can go a long way toward mitigating the science-fictional taint, which also helps explain the appeal to mainstream...