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The New Kid

Why’s he so special?

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Short Story: Back to School

School had been out for a long time; longer than Jack could remember. He wasn’t sure why they’d had to stay away. But he was excited to be going back.

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Mother Sued for Uncovering Abuse

The School Board and all involved are entitled to defend themselves, but decision to counter-attack the mother because she exposed the atrocities happening in that classroom is a ruthless and tasteless move on behalf of a body of public servants.

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Ordinary World: Education

Ordinary World: Education from Ordinary Times and Scott J. Davies with links to stories about higher ed, charter schools, community college, elite schools, quality of education and more for you to read, share, & discuss.


What About The Boys?

With all of the attention that we devote to girls and STEM, what about boys and reading?


School and Suicide

Suicides in Japan spike on the first day of school.


Log in, glaze over, tune out

One of the several bees who are long term residents in David Brooks’s bonnet is that a certain kind of love between teacher and student is what really spurs learning. Today’s iteration of the theme occurs...


The War on Justin Bieber

As long as you can remember, you have been a music lover. Though your tastes have always been somewhat eclectic, you have always had a soft spot in your heart for independent singer-songwriters that...