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Life Under Quarantine

All of this was done without thinking of how to keep up public morale. How long can people put up with quarantine?

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San Francisco’s Housing Crisis, Exactly as Planned

Plenty of discussion has centered around the California housing situation, especially the prices and lack of availability in the bay area since the tech explosion brought enormous wealth to one of America’s most unique cities, San Francisco. “Demolishing the California Dream: How San Francisco Planned Its Own Housing Crisis” by Hunter Oatman-Stanford is a detailed examination of the history of that great city, and how it came to be the go-to example of the modern housing debate.


Three Cheers for Command and Control

A couple in Glendora, CA face a $500 fine for saving water by not watering their lawn. Simultaneously, the state wants to fine people who water their lawns. That is, folks can receive a...


There It Is — Take It

Burt Likko celebrates the history of a city that seems all too frequently to act as though it had none, on the centennial anniversary of an important, oft-overlooked event. In the beginning was a ditch…


Food justice?

“Here’s an idea for parents, just say no. You’re the one who controls the meals your child eats, don’t feed them fast food if you don’t think it’s good for them, and don’t give...


Banning pet shops to save the pets

I have to say, when I first read that San Francisco was looking at banning pet shops I thought it sounded pretty ridiculous. But I think Claire Berlinksi makes a tremendously good point: Every...


In Which I Am Righteously Vindicated

I’ve been taking a lot of flak for complaining about San Francisco’s banning soda vending machines on city property. As if I needed any more proof that the government of that city contains some...


The City That Never Sleeps – Or Shrinks

I enjoyed David’s defense of New York’s cultural dominance far more than I probably should have, and agree wholeheartedly.  This despite the fact that, as a kid – and even into my early 20s...