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Tulsi Hillary 176

Hillarity Ensues: Clinton vs Tulsi

What we have here is a twice failed presidential candidate slinging conspiracies at a current Democratic candidate that is polling at between 1% and 3%.

Mueller 28

Tuning Out

However you want to divvy it up, spin it, analyze it, or otherwise talk around it, there is a definitive trend line of lessening interest at each mile post of the Mueller investigation.

search party

The Seekers

Search Party and the Everlasting Horror of Dory.


Obligatory Mueller Report TSN

No one has read it. No one knows what’s in it. Everyone is reacting strongly to it.

Russia Today

Russia Today Has a Sad over Facebook Block

How do you say, “Cry me a river” in Russian? Or better yet, sing it in Russian and post to Facebook, which Russia Today’s ‘In the Now’ can no longer do.

GOP Exit Strategy: The Case for President Pence

“Face it, Republicans. Trumpism is a slapdash replicate of P.T. Barnum’s Greatest Show on Earth. Moreover, like a ringmaster’s illusion, Trump and his sideshow of insatiable propagandists on a grander scale, consciously sold fake news, and  hyper-partisanship to a trusting audience. Mike Pence as president, restores faith and sanity to our governmental institutions while providing an opportunity to salvage a doomed 2020.”

Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen: GIFs, Tweets, and Senate Seats

“Having a candidate silenced is a threat to American democracy,” The statement read. Let us leave the debate over whether or not the republic can endure 12 hours of Twitter silence from Austin Petersen for a moment, and deal with what this incident shows us about the man.

Red Storm Rising

Red Storm Rising in My Mind

Everyone has that favorite book they have played out as a movie in their imagination. Mine is Red Storm Rising. If done properly it would be not only an epic piece of storytelling, but timely as well.

Maria Butina

Maria Butina Arrested on Charges of Being Russian Agent

A Russian woman is under arrest and charged with acting as a foreign agent, but not as part of the ongoing Mueller Probe. Among other activities, her association with NRA events and other conservative groups are alleged to be part of a plan to win “back channel” relationships with the politically powerful.

Putin Critics

Rough Day for Russian Attempts to Silence Dissidents

A busy 48 hours in the international intrigue business, as two big name Vladimir Putin critics turned up in the news, with some very surprising results. First on Tuesday came news out of the Ukraine of what appeared to be another dissident journalist assassinated:

Growing up Ukrainian

Boris Lutskovsky grew up in the Eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, and for years he thought of himself as a Russian. As tensions rise in the Bloodlands, Boris reflects on what it means to be Ukrainian.