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Atrocity Exhibitions

Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump via J.G. Ballard.

Trump is the Mythological Reagan

Republicans have crafted a caricature of Ronald Reagan that has now been given form in Donald Trump.

Fashionable Politics

Thank god for New York’s Peter King. I thought for a bit that Obama was going to get away with Or it.

Ronald Reagan and Hosni Mubarak

Greetings to the League from “Jonny the Fiancé” (Think “Joe the Plumber” and “Tito the Builder”).  While Lisa is at her mother’s I have self-motivated to organize some of my thoughts on today’s noteworthy...

The Iron Binary and Reagan’s Succession Crisis

By Kyle (of Vogue Republic) In the grand discussion of where should Conservative leaders lead and where do they go, it’s important to get a good lay of the land, a solid bearing of...

two thoughts on sarah palin

I personally don’t care about Sarah Palin’s views on social issues, or that she hunted wolves from a helicopter (whether or not I would do the same or share an opinion on said social-issues). ...