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Secret Trials, Secret Laws

Spencer Ackerman reports on a secret USA-PATRIOT Act: You think you understand how the Patriot Act allows the government to spy on its citizens. Sen. Ron Wyden says it’s worse than you know. Congress...


Poverty guidelines and the costs of health care reform

The Census Bureau reported Tuesday that 15.8 percent of Americans lived in poverty last year, using an alternative method to analyze their numbers provided by the National Academy of Sciences.  This is significantly higher than the...


Wyden’s Free Choice Act

At my other digs, I pimp out Sen. Ron Wyden and shake my head at the nonsense of Max Baucus and the Democrats.


reforms to the current health care proposal ctd.

Tyler Cowen wades through the Baucus proposal.  Several points: 1. CBO scoring is a very useful institution, for purposes of fiscal discipline, but you shouldn’t confuse it with true cost estimates.  Often a negative...


Trust and Good Faith

It’s taken me awhile to get to this – mostly because I’ve been (unusually) busy with real life – but I wanted to offer a few  thoughts on Mark’s post on Wyden-Bennett, and particularly...


Is There Any Depth of Support for Wyden-Bennett?

TWO UPDATES, SEE BELOW: A common refrain I keep hearing for why Wyden-Bennett would have no chance of succeeding if it ever came to a vote is that even though it has bi-partisan co-sponsorship, the...


Is Divided Government More Responsive?

I’m not sure how well Freddie and I addressed the central question of our discussion last night, to wit, how to overcome the institutional problems in our representative democracy.  But the discussion about health...


A Realistic Health Care Alternative Going Nowhere

[N/B: See below for a significant update/clarification] One of the criticisms levied at the alternative health care proposals discussed by E.D. and I over the last few weeks has been that these proposals, which...