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A Few Good Men

I watched maybe half of the first GOP 2012 primary debate the other night on Fox. I actually thought the questions were decent, and while many pundits have written off the debate as the...


The day I found common ground with Michael Gerson

It’s not often that I find myself in agreement with Michael Gerson, but I thought there was some truth in his column today.  He starts off quoting Obama: “Part of the reason that our...


The Outsider Elite

Interesting article about the “grassroots” nature of Obama’s Organizing for America: [Organizing for America] also holds online strategy sessions, offering supporters the chance to “join the discussion,” “interact,” and “ask questions.” But amid the...


culture is everything (well, mostly everything)

“In short, liberals and conservatives refuse to see the areas in which they have common ground because far too often they simply cannot get past the cultural markers that prevent them from even listening...

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