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Is Ron Paul secretly working for the Mitt Romney campaign?

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and the likeliest explanation is usually the most straightforward and least complex. So when rumors started surfacing last month that Newt Gingrich’s Super PAC...


The Koch brothers and rightwing fusionism

The billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch are often painted by the left as anti-worker elites working in the shadows to undermine labor unions, the middle class, and the New Deal. This is only...


What’s In A Label

Andrew Sullivan calls out Jonathan Chait for arguing that libertarianism is inextricably linked to racism.  Chait’s view, in a nutshell, is that in practice, libertarianism is a gateway doctrine to racism: “I am sure...


Reproductive Rights and Libertarianism

~by Sam Wilkinson For reasons that I cannot understand, the threat posed by various conservative candidates to women’s reproductive rights rarely seem to warrant mention or concern amongst those who profess themselves to be most concerned with...


Why I Support Ron Paul

Far be it from me to pass up an opportunity to add to the cacophony of Ron Paul posts. When is the last time someone with such a small probability of becoming the next...


Not Ron Paul or Huntsman – Maybe Johnson, Maybe Obama

I’m conflicted. Like Andrew Sullivan, after the barrage of news and pushback on Ron Paul and the racist newsletters published under his name for so many years, I think it would be almost impossible...


Jon Huntsman is the Perfect Republican Candidate

“New Hampshire Republicans and undeclared voters who want to field a candidate with broad appeal and the capability and credibility to have a shot at beating President Obama have three choices: putative frontrunner Mitt...


Dying on That Hillock

“In normal times, evil would be fought by good. But in times like these, it must be fought by a different kind of evil.” — Aereon, The Chronicles of Riddick It seems Ron Paul’s moment has passed...


Here Comes Iowa

I’m left with more than a little despair these days. Ron Paul’s newsletters and the implications of those pamphlets, including the enormous amount of money Paul made publishing them, are more damning than I...


Ron Paul, Racism, and War

First things first, I’d like to apologize to mistermix for the rudeness of my last piece on the matter. Mainly I was feeling jaded over various Twitter exchanges that occurred prior to my reading...


Ron Paul and the racist newsletter

Mistermix asks: Both ED Kain and he-who-shall-not-be-named have endorsed Paul for President as a protest vote. Since I’m not a serious thinker, I’m free of the weighty obligation to endorse someone in the GOP primary. But for those serious folks, I...


Why I Will Be Voting for Ron Paul in 2012

Ron Paul is often described as a crank. Even folks like Ross Douthat who write basically sympathetic columns about the congressman from Texas say things like, “Paul, for all his crankishness, is the kind...


Caption Contest

Photo via Matt Welch. Apparently this happened during a commercial break after a heated exchange between the two.


Ron Paul and Libertarianism

Will Wilkinson makes a telling observation about Ron Paul: Yet it irks me that, as far as most Americans are concerned, Ron Paul is the alpha and omega of the libertarian creed. If you...


The Flaws and Shortcomings of Ron Paul

Matt Yglesias on Ron Paul: After looking at his positions and statements, the most remarkable thing is that if it weren’t for his loud fanbase of self-proclaimed libertarians you wouldn’t really think this is...


A Good Man is Hard to Find

Tim Carney has a very good piece up on the media’s continued efforts to ignore, at every turn, presidential hopeful Ron Paul. So, again, why doesn’t Paul get the attention he seems to deserve?...

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