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Roe v Wade 18

The Last Confession of Jane Roe

The most passionate of all our political debates is about to get a whole new, ugly chapter in it’s long history opened up.


How Artificial Wombs Could Transform the Abortion Debate

The debate surrounding the definition of personhood isn’t new, but it also hasn’t proven to be very consequential in terms of its impact on the modern abortion debate. The introduction of artificial wombs could change all of that


Legal, Restricted Abortion Is Here to Stay

Today, on the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, President Obama reaffirmed his commitment to “the decision’s guiding principle: that every woman should be able to make her own choices about her body and...


Blackmun on Roe, 14 Years Later

Via Digby I see this 1987 interview between Bill Moyers and Harry Blackmun, former Supreme Court Justice and author of Roe v. Wade. One thing to understand about Blackmun is that despite whatever assumptions you might have...


Doubling Down

There seems to be quite the fooferaw over responding to the Tiller murder developing between several bloggers that I respect: Publius and Hilzoy at ObsidianWings, and Megan McArdle.  A quick summary:  Agreeing with an Ezra...


Emerging From the Hedged Roe

Larison argues, contra Linker (and me), that overturning Roe wouldn’t end the culture wars with respect to abortion, but would instead merely decentralize them and make pro-life voters even more solidly Republican: It would...


Roe and the Culture War Morass

In the comments to Chris’ excellent post on Roe v. Wade and the culture wars, I wrote: …The issue, fundamentally, is whether Roe was legally and Constitutionally correct; on that point, you would be...


D. Linker on Culture War-Abortion

Damon Linker with a followup on the intra-left argument about whether Obama will end the culture war with a piece today in TNR.  He responds to the question of whether Obama can indeed heal...