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The Revolution That Didn’t Come

The Democratic Party has demonstrated that it is not the Republican Party in search of a freak flag to fly. Saved by a 55/45 party. For now.

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What Is the Purpose of Primaries

So, what’s the purpose of primaries anyway? Are they a process by which a political party selects its nominees, or is a function of the overall US election system?


This Party Cannot Be Saved

With the nomination of Donald Trump, the Republican Party has fully embraced white nationalism. This means it is a party that can’t be saved.


The Meaning Of Santorum

The Atlantic‘s David A. Graham thinks there are three major ways in which the now-suspended Santorum campaign diminished Mitt Romney’s chances of besting the President: 1. He has pulled Romney to the right on key...


Waste and Abuse

So, we’ve just narrowly averted — do we avert things in any other way? — we’ve just narrowly averted yet another government shutdown. I can’t help but feel that the magic is gone, and...


“An Incompatible Combination”

I’ve watched every presidential debate thus far in the Republican primary.  And I’ve done more than my fair share of laughing, weeping, and sometimes just staring blankly at the television screen.  In a way,...


Do Gay Rights Hurt Democrats?

In Jason’s post on DADT’s repeal, he noted: One thing that history won’t remember, but that will certainly be true, is that the Democrats chose the single moment in all the possible permutations of...


Dealing With Political Blind Spots

Ezra Klein had a great rundown yesterday on a psychological phenomenon called motivated skepticism: On the simplest level, American politics presents us with an incentives problem: McConnell — like most minority leaders — is an...


A “Total Miscarriage of Justice”

Image via Wikipedia That’s how incoming House homeland security chair Pete King described the Ghailani trial. Ghailani (pictured) was, of course, found guilty on only one of the 285 charges brought against him, and...


Everybody loves Cheerios

I’m always drawn to these kinds of studies, even though they’re never really insightful. This one mainly backs up what everyone already knows about geography and age demographics among partisans (is it really any...


The Party of Theocracy

As of last week, we all know that Christine O’Donnell doesn’t much care for separation of church and state. As far as surprising campaign knows goes, that’s near the very bottom of the list,...


I don’t actually recall having any debate

This Gallup poll has gotten a bunch of attention, and I figure it’s worth posting here: Yesterday, Ruth Marcus (or rather, whoever writes her subheadline) called the House debate over the health care bill...


The Evolution of Blogging: An Interview with Charles Johnson

Few bloggers have had quite as controversial a career as Little Green Football’s Charles Johnson.  Johnson began blogging in earnest back in 2001 after the attacks on the twin towers, and continues putting out content...