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Failure Propagates Upward For Democratic Party

The GOP still controls the vast majority of state legislatures and outnumbers the Democrats in states where they control both the governor’s house and the legislature. And that matters a lot.

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The GOP’s Gossip Girls

I will not believe that the GOP is tired of Trump until they say so publicly. Until that moment, they own this. All of it. Every corruption, every racist utterance, every violation of norms. Every dollar of debt, every pardoned war criminal, every dead Kurd.

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The Hedgehog Who Won

In short, the Republicans rule the Winter Carnival but sacrificed their tongue in order to do so.

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Rep Steve King Removed From Committee Assignments

For his part King is claiming he was misunderstood, taken out of context, and is being treated unfairly. Which was his defense to similar controversy in 2016. And in 2017. Oh, and he claimed the same in 2018.

A One Party Nation

The Democratic Party is collapsing, and has been collapsing for a decade. Having the Presidency just hid all the rot happening elsewhere. Now we face the prospect of one party rule in a way we have not seen before, led by a type of President we have not seen before.

I’ve Got the Immigration Blues

The reason the GOP should pass an immigration bill is for its long-term viability. The party isn’t going anywhere any time soon, but the numbers show that relying solely on the white vote will make it harder to win the White House and Congress, not easier.

Wishes Won’t Change the GOP

No, the GOP won’t change because of losing an election. They will change when moderates and independents give a damn.

What Mitt Romney Meant

A new Economist piece sheds light on whether or not Romney’s 2012 rhetoric was as plastic as it seemed.

Outreach, Rand Paul Style

I’ve been thinking lately about Rand Paul’s recent attempt at what is called minority outreach at Howard University, “the historically black college” (apparently the mandatory phrasing). I’ve been thinking about what, exactly, Paul did...

Eric Cantor’s Self-Serving Nonsense

So Cantor gave his aforementioned big speech yesterday, the one about turning the GOP into an expansively inclusive party of multiple ethnicities and income brackets, and MSNBC was there to tell the tale. Their description is curious, however,...

Eric Cantor’s Plan to Save the GOP

Ron Fournier of National Journal is following Eric Cantor around as the House Majority Leader terrifies DC’s infants (“Eric Cantor grabs a plastic dinosaur from the pile of toys in front of 1-year-old Mekhi Scott, taps...