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Skin in the game

Radley Balko wrote a post recently offering up some policy ideas basically geared toward getting as many peoples’ skin in the tax-and-spend game as possible. Other than payroll taxes, most people on the bottom...


Occasional Notes: Political-Aesthetic Musings

Leitmotif: Here we come to a turning of the season Witness to the arc towards the sun A neighbor’s blessed burden within reason Becomes a burden borne of all and one Decemberism: I’m enjoying...


What Can’t Congress Do Now?

If the federal government can force you to buy health insurance merely for being alive — on the theory that your inaction, while stubbornly remaining alive, has indirect effects on interstate commerce — then...


What Tyranny Looks and Sounds Like

This video, and in particular the audio, needs to be distributed far and wide.  It should be on every evening news broadcast tonight.  It depicts what real, actual tyranny looks like, and how it...

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