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The Company We All Keep

The Nation of Islam is anti-semitic, conspiratorial and destructive but we should examine their impact with the same willingness to understand allocated to Trump voters and the alt-Right.


An Unfortunate Turn of Events

The move towards violent street fighting is a dangerous trend which should not be accommodated by polite political society.


Will the Chavistas Please Stand Up?

The radical left always wants to “overturn the system” but rarely acknowledges how often it fails with disastrous results.


Is There an Alt Left?

Where I discuss the defining characteristics of an “alternative” political philosophy.


Radical Reading: Detroit – I Do Mind Dying

This is the second in a series where I read and discuss a radical book on the left or right. This time, I address a book related to radical Black organizing in Detroit in the 60s and 70s.


Struggles Teaching History

Student-led inquiry of controversial topics has its pitfalls, but it should be at the heart of implementing the Common Core curriculum.


The Liberal-Radical Relationship

The radical and the liberal suffer from opposite afflictions.* The radical, taking her distance from the mainstream as a measure of her probity, hastens the isolating slide. Existing in a brutally unjust world, her...


Conservatism Isn’t Radical—It’s “Modular”

 Though the post-Lugar media tide has subsided, the American Right’s growing radicalism is still a leading theme of American political coverage. Even before Lugar’s unceremonious exit from public life, the Tea Party and other...