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Rage Against the Machine 12

Saturday Spins: Evil Empire

I left it to my three year old…using her Unicorn pointer, she selected an album that features an early photo of former Presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg.


What Year Is It?

A new add by Republican Mayoral candidate Joe Lhota uses some… curious? familiar? racist?… imagery.


Two Quick Responses

At the risk of sounding overly nitpicky, I think E.D. is being a little imprecise when he attributes minority voting preferences to simple “populism”: I think a lot of minority voters aren’t so much...


Black Republicans and the specter of tokenism

The whiff of tokenism notwithstanding, I’m actually glad to see that there are credible black Republicans angling for high-level political office.  I’ve long argued that it would be good for black people, and great...


Connecting a few more dots

Ta-Nehisi Coates: There’s a part in The Audacity Of Hope, where writing about race, Obama notes that, rightly or wrongly, a significant swath of white people are exhausted, and repeatedly scolding them (even if...


When the Lights Went Dim

When you get the chance, you should check out Kai Wright’s terrific piece in the American Prospect on the decline of the black middle class.  The short of it is that widespread “wealth poverty”...