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Our own Michele Kerr made an appearance with Glenn Loury on The Glenn Show, talking about teaching, education, race, and student discipline: This conversation follows a previous one between Loury and Mary Hudson, who...

Tucker Carlson 50

Briefly, On Diversity and Tucker Carlson’s Bastardizing of the Term

I have no way of knowing where the overlap of Tucker Carlson the man and Tucker Carlson the brand occurs. But we have enough body of work on the latter to know what he is implying and to what audience it is aimed, and it is not to be a positive towards people of differences.

Starbucks 17

Starbucks Closes to Serve “Racial-Bias Education” to Employees

Starbucks will be closing around 8,000 company owned stores on the afternoon of May 29th, to give mandantory training to over 175K employees on what the coffee giant is calling “Racial-Bias Education”. The closing and training had been announced weeks ago in the aftermath of an incident in Philadelphia were a Starbuck manager called the police on two black customers sitting in the store


Questions From the Headlines

When headline writers use questions, Burt Likko answers them. Briefly, completely, and unabashedly expressing his own opinion. Ten questions about politics, the business of news, news of business, and grizzly bears.


Book Review: Seveneves by Neal Stephenson

In a sense, it is the perfect speculative fiction novel, even as it pays unspoken homage to a similarly-themed book by very different authors from thirty-eight years ago.


Orlando, Law Enforcement, the KKK, and “Post-Racial America”

Florida citizens were shocked this morning to discover that two Orlando-suburb police officers were members of the KKK. They shouldn’t have been.

Tod Kelly looks at how the cosmopolitan Florida metropolis shows us how far we still have to go with race in America.


Black Medals

Kazzy discusses how the unprecedented success of people from traditionally marginalized groups tells us as much about how far we still need to go as how far we’ve come.


Reflecting on Motivations

A recent study found that the responses of whites to questions about meritocracy during the admissions process shifted when a strict meritocracy risked harming whites’ admissions prospects: “While the principle of fairness may be...

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