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a quote, taken out of context, for the morning

“If this evil monkey god wants to accompany me to the first committee meeting of the fall, he can feast on the dumbass who spent the whole meeting fighting to craft a proposal that’s...


a quote for anyone headed to the movies this weekend

“Like the enemy with which he is supposed to be contrasted, he is relentless, impervious, and utterly uninteresting. Indeed, his performance is so uncompromising and devoid of nuance that one half-wonders why McG didn’t...


the last word

“The last word” is the most dangerous of infernal machines; and husband and wife should no more fight to get it than they would struggle for the possession of a lighted bomb-shell.”  ~ Douglas...


a quote for a cloudy afternoon

“I gave up on post-theism in my 20’s. I worked through my post-post-theism in my early 30’s. I’m currently enjoying my post-post-post-theism too much to really contemplate post-post-post-post-theism, but, hey. Maybe someone will write...


two quotes for the afternoon

I’d love to be wrong about this. But I’m not. If you want to understand the world, not just collect endless factlets, you still need to read books. If you do, the internet makes...


a quote for the morning

“Megalomania is a hard drug to kick.”  ~ Josh Marshall, pondering Dick Cheney


quote of the day

It must have been caused by a gay marriage in Vermont! ~commenter jaycbird over at Dreher’s digs, on why Mel Gibson’s wife is filing for divorce.